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Fine Chamotte Modelling Clay

A clay with a very fine structure, which makes it perfect for even small projects. Because of the structure it dries or bakes slowly and evenly.


11,000 KG

€ 15,95
Price per slab

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Our Chamotte clay can be fired at  980 - 1280 degrees Celsius. It is available in three colours. The red contains 40% chamotte. This means it can be fired at temperaturesof up to 1300 degrees Celsius.

PLEASE NOTE: Clay does not tolerate frost, therefore it is not possible to transport clay during a period of frost.

All types of clay remain malleable for a week after being removed from the package. If you keep it airtight in our clay bucket the clay will be soft and malleable for a much longer period.

Should the clay dry out (lose water) you can make it malleable again by adding water. You can do this with clay baked at a maximum of 600 degrees Celsius.

Chamotte is ground, already fired clay. It is added to clay in order to give it certain firing characteristics. For example, the chamotte ensures that the object holds it shape and shrinks less (all clay shrinks when fired). Chamotte lends the clay stability, supports it like a frame if you will. Chamotte also makes the clay more porous, causing the air to escape more easily during the firing process. The addition of chamotte requires more strength while sculpting, making it less suitable for the youngest children.

Weight: 10 kilo's

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