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This natural, wooden instrument stimulates the cooperation between hand and ear on a basic level and encourages musical exploration in children of all ages.
It comes in six different varieties; three with grip hole and three without. The grip hole makes it easier for small children to hold, whereas the closed variety makes it easier to create sound by rolling for instance marbles or pebbles around inside the instrument.
Which variety to choose depends on the age of the child on the one hand and on how you would like to use it on the other. The choice is a matter of taste rather than a pedagogical one.
The same goes for which melody you choose. There are three different arrangements of the sound tongues which gives the stirring xylophones different “melodies” or moving figures.
“Classic” moves constantly up- or downwards, depending on which way you stir (RTK without or RHK with hole).
“Wave” moves up, down and up again in each direction (RTV without or RHV with hole).
“Melody” creates a happy melody in each direction (RTS without or  RHS with hole).



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