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Choroi 55102510 Quinta Pentatonic Flute 440 Hz made of Cherry Wood

The pentatonic flute is especially developed for use by young children, from Kindergarten onwards, particularly in groups.


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Choroi flutes are characterized by a warm, light, flexible tone. Compared with traditional instruments, the Choroi flutes possess a tone that sounds more like a voice than an instrument.

This unique tone quality leads to a corresponding style of play. A free outbreathing, rather than an active blowing, forms the foundation for the tone. The tension-free mouth and lip positions also contribute to the tone formation and the warm quality of sound. Accessories included are a wooden cleaning swab and a cotton flute bag. Regular oiling is vital to the flute. Note range: d"-e"-g"-a"-b" -d’’’ -e’’’. We recommend the Choroi high grade flute oil, available separately.

The Quinta Pentatonic Flute is made of pear wood and has no tone block so does not need replacement tone blocks. It has a slightly stronger tone than the Traditional model.

Comes with a wooden cleaning swab and a cotton flute bag

Made of cherry wood

We recommend the use of flute oil on a regular basis to take proper care of your instrument.


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