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Choroi Diatonic/Pentatonic Children's Lyre with 12 strings
Choroi Diatonic/Pentatonic Children's Lyre with 12 strings

It is diatonically tuned (pentatonic tuning also possible) and offers opportunities to use many scales, minor as well as major.


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Thus most folk songs and other simple melodies can be played on it. 12 steel strings in a line.
diatonic range c’-d’-e’-f’-g’-a’-b’-c’’-d’’-e’’-f’’-g’’;
pentatonic tuning possible: d’-d’-e’-g’-g’-a’-b’-b’-d’’-e’’-e’’-g’’

The Choroi lyres and harps were created through a striving for a characteristic, radiant tone deriving its intensity from the properties of the different types of wood used in their construction. Through carefully formed "organs" inside the instruments, these qualities of the wood are brought into connection with the resonating instrument cavity. Variously shaped sound openings mediate between this inner space and the space around the instrument. Through this interaction, a mobile equilibrium arises, giving the tone a living quality.

Made of ash wood

All the instruments are built with the highest quality craftsmanship from naturally colored, carefully aged wood. In our striving for a beautiful finish, we work with traditional methods, including the use of natural resins and hand polishing.

Including tuning fork.

Size: 44 x 27 x 5 cm/17.3 x 10.6 x 2"

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