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Artemis Watercolour Pigment Powder in 14 Plant Colours per Colour 50 ml

This mortar is especially made for mixing the Artemis Plant Colour pigments with the Wax and Resin Emulsion. Cardboard box, 1 piece, diam. 7 cm (diam. 2.76 inch).


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Artmis natural igment powders extracted from colour-yielding plants that have been precipitated with aluminium oxide.
Typical watercouloring techniques like transparent painting and layering let the colours of natural dyes appear especially bright and shiny. Natural dyes also increase one’s awareness of colour harmony.
Colours: Depending on the harvest, climate and other environmental influences, subtle differences in colour may occur.

Per 50 ml glass pot in 13 different shades:
colour: 01 carmine red ¦ 02 vermilion ¦ 03 kamala orange ¦ 04 buckthorn berries (golden yellow) ¦ 05 mignonette (lemon yellow) ¦ 07 leafgreen ¦ 09 indigo blue ¦ 11 alkanet red ¦ 14 cutch brown ¦ 15 logwood black ¦ 30 walnut (brown) ¦ 35 indigo purple

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