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Waldorf Toys Privacy Statement

May 28 2018

Your privacy is of great importance to Waldorf Toys. We carefully abide by the Privacy Act. This means that your data is safe with us and that we always use it with discretion. In this privacy statement we explain how our web shop Waldorf Toys uses your information.

If you have any questions, or want to know more about how we handle your information, please contact us at or at +31642209106

How we handle your order
When you place an order with us, we use your personal information to process your order. We share your personal data with our delivery service. Multisafepay handles all our payments. They receive information about your payment from your bank or credit card company.

In order to do this, they use your payment details, name and address details, ip address, e-mail address, telephone number and billing address. They do this based on the information you submit and thus with your permission. We will retain your information until your order has been completed and seven years thereafter (that is the legal data retention) in a secure place.

For bookkeeping purposes, we use Snelstart. Premarc, a CCVShop recognized partner provides the link between our web shop database and Snelstart.
KeeDelivery takes care of our shipments.
We have Processing Agreements with CCVShop, Multisafepay, Snelstart and Premarc as well as with KeenDelivery.

Contact form and newsletter
You can ask questions or make requests using our contact form.
We use your billing address, email address, ip address (always encrypted within CCVShop, our online shop provider), telephone number, payment information and address details. We do this using the details you submitted and thus with your permission. We will retain this information until we know for sure that you are happy with our response.

You can subscribe to our newsletter, which we send through MailChimp. In it we share news and tips, announce discounts and provide information about our products and services. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Every newsletter contains an unsubscribe link.

Your email address will only be added to the list of subscribers with your permission. This data is kept until you cancel your subscription.

We advertise our offers and new products or services:
• by e-mail through MailChimp (
• through social media
You can object to this advertising at any time. Each email contains an unsubscribe link. You can block us if you wish or use the unsubscribe option.

Location data
Sometimes it is necessary for us at Waldorf Toys to know your location. We will always ask for your permission first and only make use of this information after your express permission.
We use the navigation and location software on your phone, tablet or computer for this service. We have no control over what the creators of this software (such as Google Maps) do. So please make sure to always read their privacy statements.

Distribution to other companies or institutions
With the exception of the above-mentioned partners, we do not under any circumstances transfer your personal data to other companies or institutions, except if we are required to do so by law (if the police, for example, suspect a crime).
We have social media buttons in our web shop. These are used by the operators of above-mentioned services to collect your personal data.

Our online store uses cookies. Cookies are small files of stored information we keep within our database so that you do not have to re-enter all your information when you visit us repeatedly.
When you visit our online store for the first time, a message pops up explaining the use of cookies. You will be asked to agree to the use of cookies.
You can use your browser to disable cookies, but please note that some parts of our web shop may not function as well without them.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to track how visitors use our web shop. We have a Processing Agreement with Google. It contains strict agreements about what they may track. We allow information obtained through Google Analytics to be used by other Google services. We do not allow Google to anonymise IP addresses.

Security around your personal data is very important to us. We do everything within our power to ensure that your data is secure with us. We apply corrections when necessary and remain alert to security risks.

Changes to this privacy statement
When something in our web shop changes, we must of course also modify the privacy statement. Please pay attention regularly to the date above and check in at regular intervals to see if there are new versions. We will do our best to announce changes separately.

Access, modify and delete your data
If you have any questions or want to know which personal data we use, you can always contact us. Please use the contact details below for this purpose.

You have the following rights:
• clarity about which personal data we have and what we do with them
• access to the precise personal data that we have
• asking us to correct errors
• asking us to remove outdated personal data
• withdrawal of consent
• objecting to any specific use of your data

Please note that you must always clearly indicate who you are, so that we know for certain that we do not modify or delete any data from the wrong person.

Issuing a Complaint
If you feel that you do not receive the right help or assistance, you have the right to issue a complaint with the Data Protection Supervisor at:

Contact details
Waldorf Toys
Smeemanlaan  15
+ 31642209106


Dear customer,
BIG NEWS!! We are so proud to announce that Waldorf Toys will become part of Waldorfshop from January 1st 2021!
Read all about it in our blog!

We are sorry to inform you that shipments may be slower than usual because of Covid-19 safety measures.
We have had to de-activate the shipping option 'pickup in Driebergen for the same reason.
Nonetheless we wish you lots of inspiration and creativity and a warm Autumn.
With warmest regards from 
The Waldorf Team